“I have known Sue Seecof for many years in connection with her great service to the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration. We contracted with Sue to do the PR for the Fascia Research Congress at Harvard Medical School in Boston. The quality media exposure it generated was key to building an authoritative presence in the scientific and clinical communities that the Fascia Research Congress serves.”
“Sue is dedicated to her work, her writing and her professional relationships. As the PR Manager at Naropa University, Sue was always concerned with getting the story right. She always looked to promote the human element in her writing and convey the complete picture of the events and people she was writing about. I would heartily recommend Sue to anyone that is looking for a dedicated public relations professional to convey the human experience.”
“Sue worked on a few very detail-oriented projects for me and showed great ability to both get the big picture of what we were doing while moving tasks forward at a granular level. Her communication and writing skills are top-notch.”
“Sue was instrumental in all aspects of production of “Structural Integration: The Journal of the Rolf Institute,” from developing articles with authors to managing the production schedule through printing and mailing. She’s great at staying on top of numerous details while holding an overall vision. She was also an awesome publicist for the Rolf Institute®, including the PR coup of getting a Rolfer™ on Oprah.”
“I highly recommend Sue. She is warm, professional, efficient and thorough. I have done business with Sue (providing advertising in my magazine for her employers or clients) since the early 90s.”
“I always walk walk away with new insights when I work with Sue. She is genuinely committed to my success and is generous with her time.”
“Sue has always been tops in her area of expertise. More important!-She is an extremely nice person.”
“I am a client of Sue’s and can attest to her effectiveness!”