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Sue Seecof, M.A., studied Art Education and taught in the New York school system. After a move to Colorado, she served as Allen Ginsberg's press secretary–during the historic summer gatherings at Naropa University. As a Publicist with marketing and design skills, she started her own business, and has been serving the health and education community for the past 20 years. Sue has a passion for web design, a craft that brings many of her skills together into one natural alliance.


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When someone is searches on the Internet, Google tries to match the person with the best answer to their query. Using SEO helps us [...]

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Looking for some great images to display in a newsletter, blog or website? Here are some guidelines for choosing the best photos. Download free [...]

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Over the years, I’ve worked with clients who have been interviewed on the radio, television, or in person. Here are my top interview tips [...]