How to Find Free Images For Your Website, Blog or Newsletter

Looking for some great images to display in a newsletter, blog or website? Here are some guidelines for choosing the best photos. Download free images from a website that offers royalty-free photos and illustrations. Purchase a stock photo for a one-time fee or sign up for a monthly plan. Look through your photos and [...]

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Is Twitter Right for My Business?

Wondering if Twitter has the potential to help your business? Twitter is a great platform to connect businesses to people in realtime. Should it be part of your branding efforts? Here are some factors to consider. To start with, think about the demographics of your potential clients. Are they on Twitter? Of the 300 million people actively using Twitter daily, most are 18 -29 [...]

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Expect Future Changes in SEO

The world of search engine optimization (SEO) is changing and with this change come new ways to optimize your SEO plan. 60% of Internet use is taking place on mobile devices, and 84% of users read content with the help of an app. With this increased use of mobile platforms, one wonders how to choose [...]

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How to Build a Rapport with Reporters

Reporters are trained by their editors to look for both sides of the story. They are talented people who work very hard to meet their deadlines. Do everything you can to help them get what they need in a timely manner. Your goal is to build a long-term relationship with them so they will call you [...]

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