Why write a blog?2020-01-04T23:56:31+00:00
When I build a website do I need to write the content?2020-01-04T23:56:46+00:00

Some clients write their own content for the website and work with us to refine it. Others hire a web content writer to draft the text. We have a few writers available to help, if that is your preference.

What is the web design process like?2020-09-15T16:52:31+00:00

Great websites have a look and feel, easy to navigate and offer your customer the resources they need. To start out we will have a design session and to create a style guide with all the details. We will work with you to define your custom layout. In the development process, we will meet with you regularly to share our progress and makes changes as needed. We enjoy working with you to create the website of your dreams.

How do I find images for my website?2020-01-04T23:57:04+00:00

You can purchase photos for your website or download free images from a variety of websites that have professional images available. You can also select images that you have in your personal collection. As long as you have the copyright to use these images, you can post them on your website.

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