hackingThree Steps to Keep Your Website Secure

Everyone knows someone who has been hacked. Though web security is a growing concern there are a few things you can do to secure your website.

Backup your website every few months. Your database has copies of all your posts and pages. Look for a free app to backup or ask your web master for support. Store your files in a secure storage folder online or on your computer.

To start with create a complex, hard-to-guess password and change it regularly. Molly Wood at the New York Times offers some great insights in her great video, How to Create a Secure Password.

For the best security keep your website up-to-date. Do it yourself or ask your hosting company for assistance. Update your site whenever you receive a new plugin, theme or system update.

These simple steps are well worth the effort. They will surely save you time and money so please take a few steps towards protecting yourself.