Wondering if Twitter has the potential to help your business?

Twitter is a great platform to connect businesses to people in realtime. Should it be part of your branding efforts? Here are some factors to consider.

To start with, think about the demographics of your potential clients. Are they on Twitter? Of the 300 million people actively using Twitter daily, most are 18 -29 year olds and others are 30-49 year olds. Its popularity is growing among older users.

What kind of businesses thrive on Twitter?

Retail brands, marketing agencies, sports programs and public service organizations (think firefighters) are a few. But don’t count yourself out if you are not on this short list. Health and wellness providers that take the time to chat and answer questions can get referrals on Twitter. Check out these Twitter business success stories.

Can your social media campaign boost your brand?

  • Posting a batch of Tweets is a fine way to publicize your business, but the best results come from interacting with the Twitter community.
  • To get direct access to potential customers, position yourself as an industry expert.
  • Build a rapport, provide feedback and lend support.
  • When you do your network will grow.

twitterDigital marketing is unlike traditional forms of marketing

It requires you to engage with your potential customer and provide valuable resources. Use a “soft sell” approach to advertising.

  • Instead of posting a sales pitch about your services, write a blog and share your best tips.
  • Link the blog to your Twitter page and drive traffic to your website.

So, can Twitter make a difference in your marketing? If you have the time to invest in it, Twitter may be right for you.