July/August 1997

Rolfing and repetitive stress

The world’s largest custom hearing-aid manufacturer decreased its $1.5 million workers compensation costs for repetitive stress injuries by 88 percent with the aid of Rolfing structural integration, according to the Rolf Institute in Boulder. More than 40 companies, schools, governmental agencies and organizations have contacted the institute for information on how Starkey Labs utilized Rolfing against RSI, which cost $2.1 billion in workman’s compensation and $99 million for indirect costs in 1993, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Both print and electronic media have focused recently on Leon Fleisher, who retired from his brilliant piano career after suffering RSI, but returned to the stage after 30 years thanks to Rolfing treatments. Newsweek and the Wall Street Journal report a growing interest at HMO and health insurance companies to provide Rolfing benefits.