Contractor's Website

Caddis Collaborative


Caddis PC came to me hoping to build a new website for their presentation at an upcoming conference. Using a template specially designed for architecture firms, this website features a modern design, easy to navigate layout and a portfolio that features their custom homes, affordable housing and cohousing projects. Quick Turnaround This website was [...]

Caddis Community Partners


Caddis Community Partners brings sustainable architectural design to affordable housing and cohousing. With an eye on the latest advances in their industry, their portfolio conveys a unique sense of place that integrates community building with modern living. Each portfolio page has a well-written description about the diversity and best features in their projects. [...]

Cazares Glass


Cazares Glass, a local window glass contractor, wanted to create a web presence and sell its services. We met, talked about the brand and came up with a style guide for a new website that featured a warm and friendly tone of voice, just like its owner, Tony. Clear messaging is required on all websites [...]