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Anthony J. Patterson


Anthony Patterson, NYC Psychotherapist is building his practice and redesigned his website to represent his growing business. He updated the content on the site to effectively market his work with individuals, couples and group therapy. The FAQ section was expanded to address initial client concerns about cost and health insurance coverage. Beautiful use of images [...]


Acupuncturist, Molly Greacen has been offering women's healthcare to families in Boulder County for over 30 years.  Her extensive knowledge of Chinese medicine supports women who are pregnant, challenged with infertility, and dealing with common aches and pains. Why Redesign Your Website? When Molly decided to redesign her website, her main goal was to [...]

Gyrotonic Boulder


Gyrotonic Boulder owner, ClydeRae Jolie-Ashe instructs a large community of students and colleagues who attend her trainings. As a master teacher she is the hub of her movement community, so it is important for her to stay connected with them. ClydeRae's website does just that. Her blog and course schedule offer news about the [...]

Jonathan Martine


Jonathan Martine, Certified Advanced Rolfer and Instructor offers professional trainings to manual therapists seeking to gain more expertise in their field. His website implements SEO strategies that expand his reach to a wider audience and help him leverage the competition. It was redesigned with a responsive template that resizes to fit the monitor it [...]


For 30 years, Helen Adrienne, LCSW has offered mind/body counseling for fertility. Her guided meditations for stress reduction benefit distraught couples challenged by the journey of infertility. Helen's webinars and trainings serve an international audience of professionals seeking to meet the needs of their fertility clients. She hosts a Master class in clinical hypnosis that [...]