Over the years, I’ve worked with clients who have been interviewed on the radio, television, or in person. Here are my top interview tips to help you make the most of your opportunity.

• Talk about the topics that most interest you. When you speak about a topic that excites you, your energy will draw your listeners to you. Do you specialize in a particular area of your field? Share something special about your work and it will help you stand out from the crowd.

• Pick 3 main points. To prepare for an interview, write down the 3 main points you would like to make. Interviews go quickly and you will be most satisfied at the end if you drive your message. Write short, simple statements and memorize them.

• Consider your audience. Print, radio, and broadcast all have different formats. Radio listeners enjoy hearing a personal story. Use colorful images to draw a mental picture for them. If you are appearing on TV or in a podcast, viewers will be watching your body movement, expressions, and style. Think about your appearance and mannerisms, and pace yourself. Project your energy out to your audience.

• Center yourself. My clients have told me the most important tip I gave them was to take 5 minutes to center yourself before an interview. Everyone gets nervous, so give your a chance to meditate, walk around the building, or simply breathe. When you take a few minutes to relax it will help you start the interview from solid ground.