social-media-marketingWe have all noticed how marketing has become more social but what does that mean in terms of your website design?

When you build a brand your website design and marketing should be central to all your planning. If you develop a website that is a hub of activity, offering interactive features and valuable resources that draw in visitors, your brand will grow.

The key is to shift the focus to building community.

Why build community? It will drive traffic back to your website. To grow your business you need lots of traffic to your website. If you are looking for repeat visits, design a site that is a resource to your community and visitors will come back for more.

Like many other business owners, you have heard that blogging is important for outreach. Why take the time to do it? Blogs, like any ol’ newsletter, share your news and get your name out there on a regular basis. What makes a blog different is the effect it has on your SEO (ranking in the search engines)–by refreshing the pages on your website on a regular basis and driving traffic to your site!

What will you write about? Whatever energizes you about your work. When you feature topics that you have a passion for, readers will be attracted to your stories and interact with you. To be an influencer in your field, you need to be a resource to your community and answer questions. Give out tips, solve problems and connect with people.

The first time someone visits your website they should discover what is so special about your world.  Feature interactive videos, podcasts or audio recordings of real value and they will come back for more. Share your best stuff, give it away and don’t hold back.

What makes your website interactive? Post an invite to an open house or a link to an article that might draw their interest.  Ask them to sign up for a newsletter or welcome  them to “Like” your Facebook page. Connect with your community!