officeplantThe world of search engine optimization (SEO) is changing and with this change come new ways to optimize your SEO plan.

60% of Internet use is taking place on mobile devices, and 84% of users read content with the help of an app. With this increased use of mobile platforms, one wonders how to choose the best app when there are so many options to chose from. A new feature is being developed to help you “Search for the Best App“. Check back with me for more details as this trend develops.

Social media has become a great place to search for information. You can now search on Facebook (FB) for topics using a hashtag. Facebook is processing 1.5 daily searches, a third of Google’s traffic so Facebook’s share of the “search” market is expected to grow in the future. How do you take the Facebook search engine into account when optimizing your Facebook page? That’s a good question, since FB new feature will change the way we do SEO (search engine optimization). Check back with me for a future blog post on the topic.

The services of personal assistants, like Siri, are common to smart phone users. During normal use, they create a profile about our likes and dislikes. When we use their artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to ask, “What should I do tonight?” these virtual assistants tap into our profiles to produce an answer. As these AI features develop, we will be able to search for info without using traditional search engines. Where will this lead us? Let’s see what 2016 brings to the table!