times squareHere are a few tips to get you started:

Target Your Audience–Think about an aspect of your business, a special feature you would like to publicize. Define the market for a certain demographic.

If you are an expert on bodywork and Mother’s Day is coming up, pitch a story about relieving tired muscles with a relaxing massage. Speak to your audience. You know what they are going through. Engage them and offer to help.

Read–Get acquainted with the reporters who cover your topic. Watch their news programs, follow them on Twitter, and listen to their talk shows. Notice what topics are hot, what slant they take, and angle your news story to match their favorite topics.

Who- Pinpoint the editors or producers you would most like to reach such as news editors, Q & A columnists, on-line editors, TV anchors, or radio hosts? If you are an expert in xeriscaping and your town is experiencing a drought, contact your local radio station and offer to give tips and answer questions from local gardeners.

When–Create a free public event and feature a special guest. Invite the press to attend. If the students at your school are building a mural about diversity, invite a local community leader or artist to attend the grand opening! Do it on a weekday since there are more reporters available than weekends.

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